Websites that will help you learn WordPress

Websites that will help you learn WordPress

A lot of people would like to use WordPress but are very intimidated by the system or they believe they have to be programmers to use it. The truth is WordPress is very user friendly and easy to use. I’ve compiled a few websites below were you can learn WordPress and become a pro in the process.

WP Beginner

Up first is WP Beginner this website has been around for a while and has some of the best WordPress tutorials that are very easy to follow. You should start with this article from them: Ultimate Guide: How to Start a WordPress Blog (Step by Step)

Smashing Magazine

This website is not dedicated to WordPress this is were you go when you have gotten the basics of WordPress and want to dive in deeper. They have a WordPress category that is updated regularly.

WordPress Tavern

Started by Matt Mullenweg who is the founding developer of WordPress. This is were you go to get the latest news about WordPress like security and other important things.

Tom McFarlin

When you feel confident about your WordPress skills and want to go even deeper, you should check out Tom McFarlin’s blog plus he seems like a cool dude.

If you have any websites to recommend or you feel I missed something get yourself heard in the comments below.


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